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April (2)

Eden Arboriculture has a new website!

Great news for all our Eden Arboriculture clients and followers, we have a new website. You can now read up on our latest news, see what previous customers have had to say and contact us with just the click of a button. We will also be trying to answer some of the more common questions that our customers ask on a day to day basis to try to keep you best informed about current issues. We hope that this service will be of use.


Looks like Britain’s oldest veteran tree may be on its way out, but an expert offers some hope.

The ancient yew tree is located within a church yard near Taunton, Somerset. It is estimated to be somewhere in the region of 3,500 – 4,000 years old by experts which seems incredible when you consider this is a living organism. The reason trees such as yew can live so long is that its part of their survival strategy in that they invest heavily in defensive compounds known as phenols and grow at a slower rate as a trade off. Phenols are I suppose a bit like tree antibodies which are extremely toxic to micro organisms and so prevent colonisation. That said, some wood decaying fungi have developed specialist strategies to get around these defences. Read more about this amazing veteran tree at the following location:


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